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Aluminous model board

Product Description

Aluminum-plastic composite board is referred to as aluminum-plastic board, which is a new material made of aluminum plate after surface treatment and coating baking paint as the surface, polyhexene plastic plate as the core layer, after a series of process processing composite. Aluminum-plastic plate is made by Germany luccin o root (ALUSINGEN), developed and produced by the company, after the Dutch airlines (FORKEN) and rich g Alcoa (an), after the 90 s, the product quality stability, and gradually reached a higher level, because aluminous model board is by nature different kinds of materials (metals and non-metallic), it retains the original composition of material (aluminum metal and nonmetal hexene plastic) the main characteristics and overcome the disadvantages of the original material, and material with many excellent properties. Such as luxury, beautiful, colorful decoration; Weather resistance, corrosion resistance, damage resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, earthquake resistance; Light weight, easy processing and forming, easy handling and installation, can be quickly integrated construction characteristics, these properties for the aluminum plastic board has opened up a broad application prospects.

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