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Engineering smallpox

Product Description
Project smallpox is the best-selling product that 21 centuries roll out newly, it is the fashionable new bestow favor on of current adornment course of study! This product takes the metal plate as the base material, by the sheet metal manufacture and the spraying high temperature baking becomes. Its quality is firm, durable, excellent processing performance, indoor and outdoor use of the same color.
Specification and model: square ceiling (600 600MM, 350 350MM, 300 300MM), special heterosexual ceiling, battle-buckle combination ceiling (type C, high body; Low body close seam windproof, S, G, V), hanging piece ceiling, grille ceiling, grade ceiling, combination ceiling, hook ceiling.
Scope of application: airport, subway station, office building, commercial center, hotel, hotel, and other large buildings, more applicable to the home in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, corridor, etc..
Features: after special surface treatment, oxidation resistance, no dirt, flame retardant, moisture-proof, moisture, sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-aging, easy to clean, no deformation and other advantages. High strength, no discoloration and discoloration, always new. Lightness and tenacity, using splicing method, simple and fast construction, low service cost, economic.
Note: when cleaning the product, do not use corrosive liquids (such as acid, alkali, tinna water, gasoline, etc.).
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