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Titanium zinc composite plate

Product Description
Product introduction:
With titanium and zinc alloy plate as the panel, aluminum plate as the back plate, high pressure and low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the core material, after heat composite from a new high-grade building decoration materials. It integrates the characteristics of titanium and zinc plate (strong metal texture, surface layer with self-repair function, long service life, good plasticity, etc.) and the advantages of composite plate such as high strength, good leveling, light weight and low price in one, which can be applied to the curtain wall, roof and indoor and outdoor decoration of high-grade buildings.
Long service life of titanium and zinc plate:
The surface can naturally form a dense oxide layer (zinc carbonate), to prevent further corrosion, the panel does not need coating or other corrosion treatment. With self-repair function, that is, after a period of time after the scratch oxidation can automatically heal without leaving traces and other characteristics.
1mm thick titanium zinc plate can be used in natural environment for more than 200 years.
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