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Copper-plastic composite board

Product Description
Bacteriostatic copper Cu+" composite plate
The Cu+ symbol is a bacteriostatic copper symbol being promoted globally by the international copper industry association. It represents that the product USES copper or copper alloy and has bacteriostatic effect.
Bacteriostatic copper is the most effective public contact surface solid bacteriostatic material registered by EPA. It can kill more than 99.9% specific pathogenic bacteria on its surface within two hours; The bacteriostatic effect is much better than other materials including silver coating, stainless steel and antibacterial plastics.
Our copper composite plate is authorized by the international copper industry association to use the "bacteriostatic copper Cu+" logo. Copper - plastic - aluminum composite, smooth surface, easy processing molding, saving a lot of precious copper than single copper plate. The surface of natural copper is bright red, and under the influence of natural oxidation, the color changes from bright red to dark red, bronze to green copper, which fully shows the life characteristics of copper decoration color changing with time. If the surface coated with fingerprint resistant varnish can delay the process of color change. The surface of copper can also be artificially oxidized and colored into bronze, bronze and green copper.
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